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WONDER HOLDING GRUOP is a large-scale food and energy import and export enterprise invested by Xinxun Group with an investment of 180 million yuan. Relying on the natural advantages of Qingdao Port and the policy support of Shandong Free Trade Zone, it has rapidly grown into a well-known business in the industry covering America, Europe, and the Middle East. , North Africa and more than 50 countries, high-quality nut raw materials import and export leading enterprises!
Rong the heavy and the mission, help the good talents, sip treasures, and only trust and reach to benefit the world. For many years, WONDER HOLDING people have been forging ahead and have never given up. They have moved forward side by side with many companies in the world. We are not just doing a business, but a cause, a great cause that is as small as changing people’s traditional dietary concepts and as large as the health and strength of the entire nation. It is the unremitting pursuit of WONDER HOLDING people to make the people's diet safer, and to let the excellent nut products go to the country and be famous in the world.
From overseas cooperative farms to free trade zone bonded warehouses, WONDER HOLDING focuses on the import and export of bulk nut raw materials and is the first link in the industrial chain!

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