Turkey flavored almond
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You like Korean culture love beauty students can choose Badanmu factory produced Turkey flavor padanmu, spicy and crispy, let people eat a handful still aftertaste! You can also match with a cup of black tea, the sweet black tea with the spicy flavor of Badanmu, everything is just right. At the same time, black tea is rich in phenolic substances, and the rich vitamin E in Almond complement each other to help the skin beautiful. What's more, a study by dermatologists at the University of California, Davis, has shown that using almond as a daily snack instead of other nut free snacks can reduce the width and severity of wrinkles in mature women. More and more people are looking for anti-aging methods, might as well try this delicious "secret" recipe, eat the beauty from the inside out, and wake up the beautiful face of youth!
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