Lemon vanilla flavored almond
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The lemon vanilla flavor Badanmu produced by Badanmu factory will take you to Chiang Mai for vacation in one second. The sour taste of lemon stimulates the sweet aftertaste of Badanmu, and vanilla adds a unique flavor. It is especially suitable to match with fragrant scented tea. The two flavors complement each other. The delicious and fast collocation provides convenience for the office workers to eat at rest time, eat delicious food and eat beautiful Kwai. Almond is rich in natural vitamin E. Vitamin E has antioxidant effect, can help the skin resist free radicals (harmful free radicals from cigarette smoke, air pollution and ultraviolet radiation, etc.), and help the skin glow from the inside out. Every day, a pair of California almond is used to cultivate the good habit of "less food and more meals", and at the same time, it injects moisturizing energy into the skin!
Yunding holding is a large-scale food and energy import and export enterprise of Xinxun group. Relying on the natural advantages of Qingdao port and the policy support of Shandong Free Trade Zone, its business scope covers the import and export of high-quality nut raw materials from more than 50 countries, such as America, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa! Over the years, Yunding people have been forging ahead and never give up. They are down-to-earth and shoulder to shoulder with many enterprises in the world. We are not only doing business, but also doing a great cause, which is small enough to change people's traditional diet concept and big to concern the health and strength of the whole nation. The price of almond and other nuts produced by the company are very affordable, and the quality is also very reliable. It makes people's diet safer and makes excellent nut products go to the whole country, which is the unremitting pursuit of Yunding people. From overseas cooperative farms to Free Trade Zone bonded warehouses, Yunding holdings focuses on the import and export of bulk nut raw materials, making the first link of the industrial chain!