Chestnut is called seasonal food
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Why do chestnut manufacturers call it seasonal food
Because Chinese chestnut is usually picked in August and September, as early as the end of August and late to the beginning of October, many chestnuts are picked within 20 days to a month. In addition, it is not easy to store chestnut in cold storage, and the temperature and humidity are set high. Chestnut has a general adaptability to climate and soil types. The suitable annual average temperature is 10.5 ~ 21.7 ℃. If the temperature is too high, hibernation period is not enough, it will cause growth and development imperfectly. If the temperature is too low, chestnut is very vulnerable to chilling damage. Chestnut likes the wet and cold soil layer, and worries about the harm of rain and waterlogging. If the rainfall is too much, the soil layer will grow time to store water, which is very easy to harm the growth and development of rhizomes, especially mycorrhiza. Therefore, chestnut garden should not be developed and designed in low-lying and waterlogged areas.
Fresh chestnuts are seasonal food. Fresh chestnuts are not easy to store, need high temperature and high humidity, and will be processed until next year's Tomb Sweeping Day. Of course, processed chestnuts can be eaten in four seasons, frozen, bagged, and more sugary water.
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