Introduction of chestnut kernel
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Chestnut manufacturers to introduce to you the chestnut kernel:
Sweet chestnut kernel contains 5160% starch, protein 5.7-10.7%, fat 2-7.4%, sugar, crude fiber, carotene, vitamin A, B, C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals, which can be absorbed and utilized by human body. In 10 grains, the heat is 204 calories, and the fat content is less than 1G, which is very low in the husk. It is widely used in food processing, cooking table and non-staple food.
Chestnut is suitable for chestnut processing, and can also produce a variety of chicken, canned, cakes, food and so on.
The main uses of chestnut can be divided into: 
1. Fried chestnut has smaller fruit shape, higher sugar and protein, less cassava starch and fruit wax;
2. The cultivated varieties are represented by chestnut of Yanshan Mountain in Hebei Province;
3. Vegetable chestnut has large fruit shape, low sugar content, high moisture content and high cassava starch content. It is suitable for making dishes, snacks and canned fruits.
The symbolic species are chestnut from Jiangsu and Hubei provinces.
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