What skills do you have to buy chestnut
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What tips do you have to buy chestnut? Chestnut manufacturers to introduce to you:
1. Look at the chestnut fluff, fresh chestnut has more fluff, assuming there is no fluff on the surface, we suggest we choose another chestnut.
2. According to the color of chestnut, chestnut shell is bright red, dark brown, and the particles are glossy, and the quality is generally good. If the shell is discolored and has a black shadow, it indicates that the fruit has been damaged by insects or heat.
3. According to the size of chestnuts, there are large, medium and small ones. The more delicious ones should be small and medium-sized. This kind of chestnut is very sweet. Small chestnuts are often sweeter than big ones, and they are also better than big ones.
4. Look inside the chestnuts. The chestnuts are light yellow, so the taste of chestnuts is delicious and sweet.
If you think the sugar fried chestnuts bought outside are not good, you can buy raw chestnuts and process them yourself. When buying raw chestnuts, you should choose light color, fluffy and not glossy. Because dark color, less hair, bright appearance is the characteristics of old chestnut, old chestnut is not delicious, not recommended to buy. There is also a little trick is that people who like to eat sweet chestnuts should pay attention to the shape of chestnuts when choosing chestnuts. Chestnuts with one side round and one side flat are sweeter than those with both sides flat.
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