How to peel chestnut
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Chestnut manufacturers tell you how to peel chestnuts
It is very difficult to peel raw and fresh chestnut. Even if the outer layer of hard shell is removed, the inner layer of skin is also difficult to remove. Is there any good way to solve this problem? It's very simple. I'll teach you a little trick. Come on.
Operation method:
1. Wash the chestnuts and soak them in water. If the chestnuts are dry, soak them for a while. If they are fresh, soak them for five to ten minutes;
2. Add water to the pot, add salt into it, and bring to a boil;
3. Put the chestnut in and cook it for two or three minutes;
4. take the gloves and take the chestnut out, cut a hole with a knife or scissors, and peel off the crust with the hard shell. Once you peel it off and peel it off, you can add the water to it.
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