How to store chestnuts
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Chestnut manufacturers tell us how to store chestnuts
Chestnut has a delicate shape, reddish brown, light waxy layer, bright and lustrous; the kernel is beige, the endothelium is easy to peel, the flesh is fine, waxy sticky soft, sweet and fragrant, and rich in nutrition, which has been cultivated for more than 2000 years and recorded in many ancient books.
Although chestnut is a nut, it is also rich in water, because of its high nutrition, it is easy to keep a strong body. Chestnut precautions: afraid of heat, dry and water. If not properly stored, it will cause water loss, germination and decay.
Storage method: the common temporary sand storage method is simple and easy to mine. Chestnut sand is immediately used and stored in the storage rack for burying and burying, which is generally called false burying. Sand storage method: the sand is generally made by hand, and the loose hand should be separated from the sand storage mode. The key way of sand storage in China is to maintain the temperature of the warehouse and keep the moisture below 80%, Relative moving level, the carbon dioxide in the warehouse should exceed 80%, and the carbon dioxide concentration in the warehouse should be high.
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